Notice: This journal will be updated weekly or depend on time. I would like to request for forgiveness
 if you find many spelling or grammar errors since my 'English Teacher' is busy with her classes and
have no time to check on my journal. I will improve myself further as I keep on writing this journal.



The whole week was a rush. Since Abah went oversea for three months, I had to stay a while
here in Sg. Besi. I got lots of problem with my housemate at Shah Alam. And for the info that
I think you know...the whole Shah Alam is totally heat up. I felt like I'm in a toaster! Luckily in
Sg. Besi wasn't like that. I decorate my room to look more of me. I also pin up Macy Gray.
(For crying out loud!!). I'm waiting to apply my loan...still waiting...either mine is approve or not.

I eat as much as I can to increase my weight. I don't wanna look thin.... I hate that. Friends
thought I was weird cause I eat like......, you know...more like 3 plates of rice for lunch time or
at dinner, but still looking like that. And you know how I hate to take pills and supplements. 

I'm keeping up with my thesis. I read a book by Steve Pieczenik 'Hidden Passions'. It's a good
self-help book. I'm reading and writing as much as I can to collect information and data for my

Time is running.


I don't know why, but I felt very bad today. I just got my examination result. It was very surprising.
Positive and negative. The good news, my result increased 1.1 point from my last semester. 
The bad news was, my methodology was so horrible. I got D. I have to see the lecturer in-charge
because I did most of the papers well, I studied and came to his classes. I feel so blue today.
So no wonder it was cloudy day. I'm so happy for Abg. Zam and Amier, they got 3.84 point for
their semester. It's an achievement. Although I did not target, I never expected to get good result.
I was truly inspired me to get back on the track, get a new fresh life and stay alive. But, since
I got G4 for my Casting paper, I have to make a letter to the course tutor. I'm getting sick every day. My lung is getting worst. I experience chough and unease with my breathing. But, the weird thing
was that I never got my asthma as usual. It is so weird. I think I need to see a doctor. I'm really 



I went to ITM in the morning, then met Afik at Matahari Cafe at Evening. I slept the whole day
and I only eat my breads and buns :(. Anyway, in the evening, I went to accompany Abg. Zamrie
for his hair cut. He's very funny because he likes to imagin; things about his hair.

09/05/01 was really a pain-in-the-a** day! I mean, I went to Damansara with Che Wong and
Amier, then we take our lunch at Mid-Valley, Bangsar plus the shopping. I went to MPH and
hang out at the garden and read some books, especially on graphics. At night, I went to Idham's
house and hang out til late night. That was it.

I went back to Shah Alam after big snap at Sg. Besi. I met Afique and done my bike maintenance.
Anyway, I shall be drinkin' with them later and surf the net for my THESIS!!! Aregghhh!!!!


The holiday was ok...but boring when it comes to cleaning house. Anyway, I went
to KLCC with Abby to buy her stuff and that's it.


I went for some 'gateways' at night and met Shafik, Wan and Sean at the club. It was total
extreme dance maniac I was... then, we go out for the last so called supper turn breakfast
at Kadier, Sect. 7. 


Today I hang out with Afique at Matahari Cafe in Shah Alam. Anyway, on evening, I spend
my time with Abg. Zamrie and Amier at Taman Tasik Shah Alam and Plaza Alam Sentral.
Well, actually it was quite a turn off. Then, at night, I went surfing the net with Afique again in
Matahari and discuss about work at Hakeem. After this, I will be going for online chat and
update some pages in my website. I noticed that my will expires soon in this month,
so, hope you guys bookmark my website or remember my domain at 


Today, I went back to Shah Alam (Evening). I went out with Abg. Zamrie, Che Wong and
Amier at Sunway Piramid. They were watchin' movie (Billy Elliot) while me and Abg. Zamrie
hang out at the mall and discuss about our artworks and degree show for our finals. We
decided to make something big and happening for our degree show. I hope! Then, at night,
we went to Holiday Villa (Karaoke). I couldn't stay longer cause I was exactly wearing Bermuda
shorts. ('s silly). And the air conditioner there? the temperature? I was f**kin freezin' !!


I spend my holiday at home. My parents went to Ipoh to renew their weapon license. So,
me and my sister aniq went to a cyber cafe at Bandar Tasik Selatan for like 4 hours.
At night, I watch tv and listen to jazz. Nothing much to do. I supposed to collect my tickets
(the one that I won at Hitz.FM for best website in The Late Net Show hosted by Fabian),
but since it's just a free seats for Ice Hockey Tournament, I decided not to go, it's not my
interest anyway, cause I only like roller blade events. 


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