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First Week (1st - 7th of August)

Let see, I got lot's of meetings this week, and it sucks! :-P I can't believe my club still wanted me
to handle the Faculty event, man.. I think I am too old for this shit. After that, I went to the library to
borrow some electronic arts book & some
graphics books.

Planning on doing an exhibition at my own faculty, However, I feel kinda' bored cause I need to make lots of paperwork's and letters...yada..yada..yada..

I got lots of email from lots of my website visitors and as usual, I receive lots of positive comments.
I went to chartrooms to promote my site, and of course, met my friends as well. Afik & Ziana just
gave me SOP for five different channels. Although I don't chat so often, I like to have an experience
operating a chat room. I think NOT!

I also receive an invitation to Macromedia Build For Speed seminar that hosted by Pericon.com.
The speakers are John Schuman, Robert Tan, CEO of Pericon, Mr. Rex Lee & Mr. VS Lingam, 
GM of Apple Malaysia. Well, I went to the seminar on the 7th, and it was a great event. However,
the bad news that I was having a sore throat and flu, so it's kinda uncomfortable. I receive freebies,
free catalogue with nice design, and free food too. I am the only UiTM student attending this
seminar, the rest is my ex seniors like Azham Zainol, my fav. cool senior with cool a-t-tude. The
rest, are unknown mutants. I went back around 2pm and hang out that ITeCH cafe at section 7,
Shah Alam.


Second Week (8th - 14th of August)

This week is my favorite week. Although there are some days I declare as 'danger zone' days,
 whom I believe the lecture with En. Ramlan....is a fatal.

Me and my fine arts friend had decided to make the declaration days at Pangkor Island, also doing
a friendly visit at UiTM Manjong, Perak. There are lots of cool activities going to be happen and the
cost is only RM100 for the days so-called-vacation.

Most of the time, I hang out with my dear friend, Sara. We also went clubbing with Ratno, Zian,
Afik, PoTai, Rai and CC. Well, that was a hell of a night gate-a-way from the release of tense that 
I had been confront with, especially my illness & mental under pressure. I had great time. But
Sara, I' sorry cause I step on your feet while I was dancing with Aaliyah - Try Again !!
hah....girlfriend, I still love you more!

Then, me and amir. Gosh, actually, last week, he went to Pangkor as well for his IDE declaration.
What happen was, he borrowed an Indian Sari from Kak Mina, for a Miss Bollywood where all the guys have to 'become' 'misses' that night. Hehe. So, the sari that he borrowed, one of the parts
was missing, happen to be 'gone' somehow, so we went to Klang to purchase a new one, luckily,
So, he live happily ever after.

Now, let see.... yesterday, I met En. Azhar, and explain to him why I could not attend his class,
cause of the full 'antar-disiplin' @ elective classes. Then, after having my lecture with Dr. Dzul Haimi, I met En. Mazlan. I give my card and ask him to visit my website. He was very concern
about 'Dreamweaver'. I hope he like my website too.

At night, Mama and Shay offered me a website project, and it's 5 projects in a row....I'm dead man!
I got a project on designing website for SUK, that is the' Tonggak 10' website. Shay supposed to
give me the broachers and proposal tomorrow.

Today, was a rainy day. I woke up late at 10a.m and did not attend En. Ramlan's lecture (again).
I think I'm toasted this time. Noni called me up to cum for the meeting and practice, but it looks
like the rain never give up. So, I spend my time in front of computers, and I can't go out to eat
cause I only got RM2 left in my wallet. I though of going out to the nearest auto teller, but I think
I gonna end up, going out at 5 pm (rain!). I think today is gonna be my bad day.


The Third week (15th - 21st of August)

After the declaration at Pangkor, I got lot's of trouble especially my finances. This week sucks!
Anyway, I enjoyed very much with the Pangkor and Pasir Salak Trip. It was a very exiting and most consequence time of my life.

After arrived at Shah Alam, I called up Ratno to pick me up cause I got no money to hired a cap.
And yet, I could not afford to walk all the way home since I got three bag packs with me. I thought of going back with Rahim, but I think it's not a great idea, since everyone wants to bump in his car.
Well, IF ONLY I got a car too. But it's not the time yet cause I'm still studying. Anyway,
Ratno picked me and we hang out in my house. After that, I go to my cyber kiosk to check my
unread emails. Thanks to Ratno, he landed me a few bucks for a 3 days survival. RM50 is just not enough to survived for one week, especially in Shah Alam, the the high cost livin'. 

I went back home and listen to Kelly Price, gosh..I just love her high-pitch-gospel-soprano vocal. 
I wish I had one. (lol).

The days went by, so, we got no class on Monday, Tuesday? Dr. D'Zul Haimi already set up
our group for his assignment. So, me, Rahim, and Ismail (if I am not mistaken), will do the subject
of Islamic Art. The rest of my classmates will do the Indian Art Figure Paintings, Mogul Paintings and Chinese Figure Paintings. Rahim kinda tense, cause  our group were actually not committed
when it comes to group work. 

At night, I hang out at Ratno's condo and watch his hamster. After that, discuss with Mama about the SUK @ Selangor "Tonggak 10" website project. I done the dummy and the flash intro. It cost only like RM500. So, I have no choice but to limit my design. Shay was very excited of course. 
But I have to beware, since anything could happen. 

Wednesday? Hmm.... I did not attended my Casting class cause I was pretty busy catching up
with my other classes with Dr. D'Zul and Puan Jahani. Then at night, I went surfing for like 7 hours none stop. I was downloading software's and demo's. I also chat with my Graphic seniors. They help me out with good graphic advices.

Thursday.... I went to my studio that morning around 10 o'clock. We have our class at 2 pm cause Mr. Ramlan was busy at Putra Jaya.I had my discussion with Abg. Rambo and I met Zaki (the one that works in ITECH cyber cafe back in six month ago). I demo him how to design a website and it took 15 minutes to demonstrate that thang to him. He was very excited. I slept early.

Today works fine. I met Ratno at night. I was pretty f***up with TM.Net today, cause the line goes unclear and disconnected in Shah Alam area. I managed to go for my Friday Prayer since the weather is so clear and fine. Amir dropped by my house. Well, 'As Usual', he ask me to go out with him at Sunway Pyramid for a movie at Golden Screen Cinema. Well, Amir seems to be pretty
'busy' lately until he had no time to see his old friends. But I just find something weird going on
with him. It's 5:55 a.m already. I think I'd better go to bed.


The Last week (22nd - 28th of August)

Tuesday. I did some work out yesterday. Zaki emailed me and he would like to to help him with 
his web design. Today was very an exciting day for me cause PIKON-COMPUTIMES IT contact person, Ong Kian Yew has notify me that I had been selected in their Awards in either 3 categories. I was so happy and being nominated and it is enough for me. Shay drop by just now.
Anyway, at night, abg. Zamrie with come at my house for discussions. Tomorrow I think, will be a busy day for me. I have to go to Islamic Art Museum with Dr. D'Zul Haimi to start our research in Holy Al-Quran Pattern & Design. Then, If I can make it, I might go to KLIA to pick up my sister from UK. I miss her so much. I have to call mama to see when will she arrived. Then, I have to do 
a dance performance in my faculty for the Quality Day. Gosh..so many things to do...yet, so little

Today is 26.I just got back from Shah Alam Art Gallery. Our fine arts batch was busy doing live drawing to chart our own Malaysian Book Of Records, The longest drawing in Malaysia for 1.6 km. It was fun, but very tiring. Yet, I had my good time with my friends, especially Igor, Abg.. Zam, Awang and others, cause I got to do a jazz and blues performance on stage. It was encouraging.
After finished, I got back around 6:30 P.M. and woke up at 12 o'clock in the morning!! So, like when I woke up, Ratno called me and I went to his house and had my so called dinner there. Just now I came back and arrived home, I ate my medicine and surprisingly, I had blood when I'm trying to blow my nose, it's around 3:53 a.m.

Well, I met my beloved sister today. She looks the same, only her fashion seems to be more
'enhance'. Well, she told her problems with our parents..ya' know....can't do this, can't do that,
poor gurlll.... well,


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