This journal will be updated weekly or depend on
time. I would like to request for forgiveness if you
find many spelling or grammar errors since my
'English Teacher' is busy with her classes and
have no time to check on my journal. I will improve
myself further as I keep on writing this journal.



I met Amier and discuss with him about how I going to
replace the sun glass. I was so afraid because he might go
gnashing my teeth out! But I turn out the other way around.
He was cool then. But still, I felt so guilty. 


I felt so bad today because yesterday, something horrible
happened. I lost Amier's Puma Sun Glass that cost RM600.
It's all because of me for leaving the glass at my friends
house. Well, I think I should not mention more. It makes
my life miserable. At afternoon, I hang out at Saiful's


Gosh.... I miss everything here virtually! I've been so busy
with my artwork and my projects. It's gonna be a total
disaster when I'm goin' in UiTM next semester. Anyway,
I've updated my art section as well as photography. I'm
going to participate the PIKOM IT COMPUTIMES Award
in June this year. Hopefully my website will be in the list, 
at lest for 'Best Design Website of The Year' or 'Best
Community Site Of The Year
'. Anyway, I spend my time
reading lot's of art books cause I'm preparing for my thesis.
....THESIS !!!!!!  Abang Zamrie hang out with me in the
evening and we went to Fine Art Degree Show 2001. The exhibition was fantastic.


Today I met Dr. Rashidie and discussed with him 
about my artwork. God...he truly amazed me with his 
friendly-cool opinion and critics! I can see clearly 
what should I input in my artwork.

I help A.J with composed the sound installation for his
artwork. It took me 30 minutes to figure the perfect sound
and convert in from ACID, to .wav file and to MP3 format. 


Today, I went to the studio to help others clear up the stuff
for the Degree Show Exhibition. Of course, the methodology
 test was quite 'hard'. I've spent my evening at home cause
the weather (heavy rain outside). I call up Dr. Rashidie at
night to set an appointment. So, at night, I did some online
research about my statement for my artwork.


I just came back from the library for my art research.
There's so many books to read, but I canne' bring them
back (borrow it) cause it was categorized under 'preferences'. Gosh...I'm starting my fever today. First, 
the asthma, now this? Inilah dikatakan cabaran dari Tuhan.
Kena banyak bersabar. I will be up all day in the cyber cafe
to look up for more references to my artwork. I need to
know more about interactive arts, electronic arts and video
art. Plus, it's so hard to figure out how to create my video
editing using Pinnace Studio Basic when I'm running out of
my space (C:\). You can just how bad if you don't have
Pentium !!! 800mz processors to work with your video
compression. Gosh.... I wish I have a Macintosh. Therefore,
I can use Final Cut Pro 1.2!! And I say, why do I have to be
in fine arts if my talents are really at Graphics and
multimedia?! Daa.....


I just came back from Ravi, Sunway Lagoon Hotel for our
supper (meal). Me, Nony and Maizul really have our time
there. The place was so calm and cool, compared to 
Uptown, Bangsar or any other food place I've been to. 
I've been to the studio early (night). I was in 08 studios
hanging out with Abul, Mai, Izat and Zaki. I did some video
editing today. In evening, Abul came to my house. We
discussed about our artwork issues.


I went out with Maizul and Nony for our dinner at Dawood 
in section 6, Shah Alam. I went to my studio today. I can't
help me asthma (lelah), it's really worries me. I always
wishes I will be better again. (Yeah...right). 


I got 'wet' after riding my motorbike to Shah Alam. After that, I do some room-cleaning and
wash some of my clothes. Nuff Said!


Aku berada di alam keresahan. Tragedi aku, mencari diri,
entah mengapa.... cheh...! Macam s*al aje! Well, actually 
I went back to Sg. Besi. I had a fight with my sister, again!'s getting worst. I hate it. I don't know why. I guess
we often see each other that makes both of us sick.  


It was a very tragic moment as I received a call from my
uncle tellin' his son (Ali) just got an accident (where his face was burn cause of an electrical-light-burn attack). I couldn't
express anything more than regret and sympathy. He was a
great cousin of mine. I came in The Selangor Medical
Center in Section 20, Shah Alam with the arrival of my
aunt, my family and beloved one. I had to skip all my
studio work and go there as soon as I got the news. 
Let us all hope he will be in good health and recovery.



Today... officially back to my old room, the previous rental
house at Sect. 7, Shah Alam. I had my lunch with Nony. 
We we're discussing about our upcoming Exhibition in 
Pulau Pinang in June. It will be my first outdoor (away from
Federal Territory) exhibition. I'm gonna go back and finish
up my work in the studio tonight. 

12:25 AM: I just came back from so called dinner with Noni,
Maizul, Rahim and Abg. Zam. Before that, I went to the
studio and drop at Sharmiza's 'Bicara Seni' to see what's
goin' on. I discuss with my pals about sculpture, including
Abul and A.J from 08 Fine Arts Dept.


I went to my sculpture class with Mr. Ariffin Ismail, my lecturer for my final year. He gave us good advices and
brainstorming ideas and how to do a neat research for
artwork that will be produce. Then, we (me, Ifa + Herna)
went to our Methodology class, we're actually late to class
because we spent most of time with En. Ariffin. There's no
class in the afternoon. So, I took the chance of going back
to Sg. Besi and pick up my stuff including this computer to
Shah Alam. Alhamdulillah, the task was settled. I met Amir
today and try to look for my dear friend AfiQue whose unreachable.


April's Fool....  not so surprising, cause the habit of makin'
fun of people did not turn in me cause I already become
anti to that tradition. Gosh..... I can't believe it's April.....
and I got 8 months to finish my Degree......hope I can
really do this. This month will be a new start for me to
'refresh' my self, refresh my motivation and ability towards
my education. Well, at least I can do and continue my
 casting every night onwards.....  


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