This journal will be updated weekly or depend on 
time. I would like to request for f
orgiveness if you 
find many spelling or grammar errors since my 
'English Teacher' is busy with her classes and have 
no time to check on my journal. I will improve 
myself further as I keep on writing this journal. 
If you like to correct my spelling and grammar, 
please do so, you are welcome. Thank You.


I haven't sleep today and feeling very exhausted. 
There were no crit session as the lecturers 
were absent except for Prof. Awang Damit. 
I was so lucky to have him around. He is a very
special lecturer. I like his positive thinking and 
how he sees things in different perspective.
He really help us clear our mind about our 
artwork. Azim, my friend drop by at my place.
Abby and my sister Aniq both now at home. 


Today was a heck of a day. The crit session was 
freaky. I still cannot upload my files at the local 
web server. However, I manage to update my site 


Today isn't a good day for me, although I 
managed to met Prof. Awang to submit my 
Thesis, still the day seems to be 'dull' and frustrating. Anyway, we all (me, Herna, Ifa, 
Keon and Aida) hang out at the Sculpture 
Studio until afternoon. I went to my house
in section 7 and really upset with the room. 
It was so damn messy that any of my 
roommates bother to clean, even their beds
for God sake! I have to do more visual research 
for my data, cause I'm still lack of it... anyway, 
you guys have a healthy nice day ahead and 
God bless.  


I'm going to my school today to meet Prof. Awang 
and En. Ariffin. We all going to the PWTC IT and 
Science show and celebrate Aida's Birthday. I'm 
gonna shoot some pictures for my research and
look for new ideas for my sculpture.


I got problem with my thesis. The binding process 
took 3 days until this Wednesday. I hope Prof. 
Awang Damit will forgive my excuse. I met Nony
and Zamrie. We hang out at Dawood Restaurant
in the evening.


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