Notice: This journal will be updated weekly or depend on time. I would like to request for forgiveness
 if you find many spelling or grammar errors since my 'English Teacher' is busy with her classes and
have no time to check on my journal. I will improve myself further as I keep on writing this journal. If
you like to correct my spelling and grammar, please do so, you are welcome. Thank You.



Today, frantic. That's the best word to describe how I went thought my thesis. It's been 2 days now since I got my sore throat.......the morning is breezy and cool. I'm chillin. I'm going to fine arts department today and want to meet En. Awang Damit to ask permission to extend the date of 
the thesis submission. This is so not real!! I gotta go. Wish me luck.


I'm still busy with my thesis. I have a week more to pass up! Arrrhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The past few week was good but very stressful. We had a little 'clean-up day' in Sculpture
studio on Wednesday (last week). Then, we had our Junior-Senior orientation session. 
I went to the library today since we have no class with En. Ariffin today. Anyway, I went back
to Sg. Besi and came to collect my letter from the Sg. Besi Post Office. 
sent me a CD of 'Solomon - Make It' for free as a gift via from their website. I will be going back
to Shah Alam tonight and prepare for the Cross Media Seminar tommorow.


I went to Shah Alam. I hang out with Zamrie, Amir and Saiful at night. I check out my mails 
and do some research (still). I thought I can finish a chapter for my thesis this week.


Mama masak 'Mee Hailam' (local noodle). It's nice. I watch Selena starring Jennifer Lopez 
which my sister Abby bought at Speedy. Today I had a little quarrel with my eldest sister.
She's a Capricorn. So you know how a person character when comes to Capricorn. Ego, 
selfish and always think they are right and we a wrong. She's so moody all the way. I'm 
planning to read more books and do more research after sending Abby to Malacca. 
Anyway, Happy Holiday and Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul. Wassalam.


I got email from Barry R. Jones. He's an electronic installation artist who help me a lot with
my art research. Anyway, a friend of mine drop by at Sg. Besi. We went to Carefour then 
surf the net until 8 o'clock. I'd continue typing my thesis until 5 o'clock in the morning. 


I went to my aunt house in Taman Melawati at night. 


I just found out my website is featured in Catcha's Editor's Pick. Wow...I am so happy, it
say's ' - Local Digital Artist's Website'. I went to my school today and supposed
to come to our Methodology Class. En. Tuan Haji Ali always come to class late but always
blame us for not coming to class right on time. We were all there, but as the rules goes by
'get out of the class if lecturer ain't comin' more than 30 minutes...',  we went out but we stay
and hang out at the so called Fish Garden near AD Building. After that, me, Nony and Zamrie
went to Fine Arts Department. We met Dr. Die and I got the chance to see a senior thesis,
Haslily who did the topic on 'using computer to create art', something like that. Then me and
Nony discuss about thesis and my artwork with En. Ariffin Ismail. I came back to Sg. Besi
before Friday Prayer and went out shopping with my sister Abby around Kuala Lumpur. 
There's a lot of discount on CD's in Music Store. I bought an old Ray J CD that cost only RM5
at Salem Cool Planet, BB


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