Notice: This journal will be updated weekly or depend on time. I would like to apologies if you find many 
spelling or grammar errors since my 'English Teacher' is busy with her classes and have no time to 
check on my journal.



Today was the critic session held in our class at the Fine Arts Department. It was truly a new
experience for me cause the crit. makes who you are regarding your artwork. I met En. Rahman
and discuss with him about my 'interactive arts'. On how to project the content I developed to
a 3D form-sculpture-afford. I met Dr. Rashidie and set an appointment with him tomorrow to
discuss about my artwork.


So, this morning I got up around 9:30 (it was so so penat one, kaki dan buttocks aku pun naik
lenguh serta sengal-sengal


Well, I spent my 'early' morning at Embassy. DJ Darly (he's the model for lots of commercial). 
He play good spin starting the intro of Artful Dodger Hits, Garage Hip Hop and the frequent 'Cina
Jinjang Techno' music like 'Don't Call Me Baby' and 'Lady' by Modjo, plus the ' God, I'm
Horny....". I dance straight 3 Hours non-stop. (No, I don't take drugs, nor ecstasy and NEVER
DRINK!). It was fun that night cause there's a special show by Boom-Boom Room. It was funny.
Then, after the sweat, as usual, we go to our regular mamak stall for cool water and a plate of
'Roti Canai'. There was something happen there in between time while we were there. (Apa yang
aku maksudkan nih?).  Well, it's secret of course. Only my friends know. Hehehe...


Today was the biggest day of my life. I turn 22. So, that's a birthday I'm talking here. So,
presents? NO, birthday cards? NO, wish? yeah...was the only thing I got that day. Well,
after I woke up, Farra (from UiTM Lendu) called me. She wanna do a thesis research in
the library. So I met her at The Deli Queen and help her out. Anyway, after I've completed,
Zian (Ziana of Afiq) called me up and I would like to meet her. She told me that Afik was
in Shah Alam so I went to his house and called him up. So we go to zian's condo at Pantai
Dalam (just 500m away from the Putra's LTR - 'Universiti' Station). It was a great condo.
I help Zian with her stuff cause she just moved in that condo. She pay money for my lunch as 
a so called present lah.


Thank God, it's finally over. No more problem for my skin. I only had sore throat. Well, at least.
I went for my Friday prayers. I was actually busy preparing my practical report the whole morning.
I had to rush in before 4:30. Unfortunately, I'd arrived at Shah Alam at 5 o'clock. Luckily, I met
En. Jamil and pass my report to him, well, he wasn't really in a bad mood, so he accepted. That
time, Paiman gave me a big surprise cause it's been a while since I haven't met him. (I think 1
year and a half). Well, I can say that he's good lecturer. His idea is cool cause his a modern 
cutting edge artist for this generation. Anyway, without knowing that there was actually a BBQ 
held by my juniors in the Fine Arts at 9:00 o'clock. The night went great until En. Ramlan start
to tease all the seniors about their artworks and other negative stuff. He is so predictable and
sarcastic toward his Malay students. I don't know how he end up like that. Every one doesn't like
him so much because of his egoistic character. So, I end up hanging out with my juniors of 06,
with Halim, Paul, 


Today, I must say I feel a lot better. Alhamdulillah... However, I don't know about my skin.
It was sort-of-normal today cause I didn't 'receive' any skin irritation. Well, the worst part was
1:30 o'clock in the morning when I got 'the attack'. I take the boiled-hot-shower to relief the pain.
It's killin' me. Really. I hope today will be a good start. Anyway, I gotta check out the Thesis
in the library and then meet Kamarul to collect some of the pictures for my report (practical
training in RTM).


My allergies is getting worst! I suffered hell of these 'itchiness' of my skin. I take all the 
pain killers and vitamins, read water based food and less tense.


I stayed home, sleeping all day, and did not touch the computer. I was a pain in the 
ass as I got my flu, sore throat, fever-beaver plus that skin irritation. I ate nothing but porridge 
and soups. I sent my thesis proposal today. I was so happy. Thanks to En. Jamil cause he
accepted the proposal. I only have to wait for the result soon.


I'm having a f**king bad f**k up day on Wednesday, it was a f**king disaster. The weather, 
the people, the place I live in just not right. It was total challenge for me. Now I know how is 
life without cars. When you are riding a motorbike, you are easy to unexpected phenomenon. 
I use to drive cars to my college. And when I changed to motorcycle, it was one big challenge 
for me.


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