First Week (1st - 7th of September 2K)

Well, I got my seminar on 'Sonic Foundry' and was so cool. They promote their software that allows us
to create a film, music, video montage and to produce a song. The software's are Vegas Audio, Vegas Video, Acid Pro and more. I got the free CD's trials and lots of cool loops for my future use. I even met
Borzack, but only for a short while.

This week I got nothing much to do then rather hang out in my room at Sg. Besi. Though.. I forgot
to tell you it's our semester break. I manage to hang out with yongie and Abby. Lily also came by 
(Lily is a friend of my sister, Aniq). 

About my website projects, you can just imagine the company that hired me to design the website
told me that I have to change the design, because the new 'Menteri Besar' got this new thing and
program 4E, ya' know, something like that. I was like so pressure with changes. Shay haven't call 
me up. Don't know why. 

Me and Sheeda of Fine Metal Department, went to do our research on the al-Quran page layout design.
It was a hassle. We can get the exact measurement and sizes, because the mirror was far (the glass)
from the Quran. Luckily Mr. Sha...well, I forgot his name, but he's from Bosnia, and he manage to help
us and guide us for our works and research. Well, It was a good thing and he was a very big help. 
I even met my friend, Mahadi and Ms. Nicole. We can't really believe that Dr. Dzul went for a holiday 
with his family at Port Dickson. No wonder I try to call him at home he wasn't available. "Orang tu susah
nak contact, dah la takde handset". (updated: he now use Erricson T28 moblie phone). Daaa....

The next day, me and Shida went shopping at the Islamic Art Museum Gift Shop. I bought a cool white 
T with the Islamic Design print. It was Friday that day, so I managed to do my Friday prayer at the
 National Mosque.

Evening, me and Shida went to Maxis iCenter at KLCC. Man...the interior was so cool with free 
access to the net and they got this so called cyber cafe'. We managed to catch the Art Exhibition at 
the Petronas Art Gallery, and of course, it was the season of Syed Ahmad Jamal,

Second Week (8th - 14th of September 2K)

Well, the second week went well. But I did the presentation on time based media about the Awang 
Damit 'Sintesis'. We all have discussed about our future interview with him about his work. Damn. I got 
so many things to do at same time, when our ETR (Business Studies), already started. Well, Rina told
me that the early research we supposed to make on, was canceled and replaced with Printing 
Advertising Company, now lead by Rina.

Today, I help Abang Zamrie with his major, painting. He did just like mine, the Wired Culture.
He Áhia me today. Hehee...

Well, the next day, I met our 'just-came-back-from 'studying lecturer, Puan Sharmiza. We have our
crit session today. Afternoon, while we were eating our lunch at the back of our sculpture studio,
Puan Sharmiza came look for us, especially the sculpture students of part 6. was very
scary. I mean, she is so serious.

And about my electronic arts research. I still haven't done much. But I managed to make 2 sketches. That's it. Oh...I forgot to tell ya, we, Fine Arts Department from FSSR, UiTM have our dinner at Shah
Alam Lake Garden for the celebration of Malaysian Book of Records, for the longest drawing at 1.6 
KM. We have shows and we (me, Abang Zamrie, Noni, Arif, Rahim and Kak Anne) hang out at 
'Dataran Shah Alam'. After that, we have our long chat supper at Dawood Restaurant at 2 o'clock in 
the morning.

Third Week (15th - 21st of September 2K)

I went for my 'Master The Web seminar'. That was on the 19th of September. Well, Zaki always 
emailed me to check on my web project that I currently workin' on.'s like so ****! Oh...about 
that seminar, nothing much happened. And for the first time, I had a long talk with Borzack about the 
web design stuff. He really help me out in setting up an own domain. It was so cool! Now I have my
, well, I mean it was actually ....Hehee.... I was really excited and thanks to
NameZero and Borzack as well!

I met Shah, PoTai, Rid and old friend of mine at the C@mpus Solution cafe. Actually, it was raining 
that time after I just got back from the seminar. So I hang out at Section 2. I also met Kakak Kelate 
from the 'Rasa Mesra Restaurant', to have that delicious 'Nasi Goreng Pataya' with sliced meat. (sorry
vegetarians...). This week, I was all the time going chit-chat online in 3 major chat rooms. Unluckiy, 
I haven't meet Afik neither Zian online! man, those couples are hard to chat nowadays. I hope they are
positively changing. I really missed them.

Forth Week (22nd - 28th of September 2K)

Now, today, I had a smashing crit session with my lecturer, En. Ramlan and Puan Sharmiza. We 
all got the thang and they we upset on our drawing & presentation. Well, it's cool though, to see En.
Ramlan and Pn. Sharmiza, help me out with the idea of a new conceptual and creative approach in
my electronic art / installation / mix-media sculpture. I really have to make a full documentation on 
the 'Wired Culture' and presented in digital art. Sound so funky techno! Well, about my general studies, the presentation went bad, but I managed to help Pn. Jahani understand about what I was talking about.
Man, It was so strenuous!!!!

In Evening, after a long hangout at fine arts (it was heavily rain in Shah Alam, around 7:30 P.M, I went
back home at Sg. Besi to send the compo and the laptop to my sister, Aniq, since she was suffering
and need some entertainment. I really sympathized with yongie's condition.  She is psychologically
suffered at home. Stress of works and our young 'adik's'. She really needs to rent a house rather then
seeing her suffering at home.

Today (22,9,2K), I went back home here in Shah Alam, after the Friday Prayer. I 'kesian' kat Kak 
Yong because I don't have the chance to hang out with her. But I did chat with her online just now. 

We were talking about how to budget our expenses. Man, I got to have a part time job. I mean a good
flexible job to survive my finals. It's getting worst.

I got my ETR class at 8 PM. I dress up really well tonight, even Abang Zain, the one who's working at 
the MB Restaurant, just in front of my house like the jeans I wear. Then, Abang Zamrie came to my
house and discuss about our work for tomorrow on ETR group project. Then, we have our drinks at Hakeem's. Roslan was complaining about the new restaurant 'Kadir' who don't really deserved to do
thier business here at section 7. Now, you can see, not even one customers is inside the restaurant!!
Hidup 'Hakeem'!!  :-)

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