Notice: This journal will be updated weekly or depend on time. I would like to request for forgiveness
 if you find many spelling or grammar errors since my 'English Teacher' is busy with her classes and
have no time to check on my journal. I will improve myself further as I keep on writing this journal.



Saturday...the most exhausted day I had. It was the I don't think there's people
comin' in, cause maybe I did not inform the rest of my pals and guests.... gosh..... I do make an 
official appearance in Spot Life Live Streaming..... Then.... I went to see my 'old house' in Shah 
Alam. Cause in April, I will be movin' in there back again.


I send my lil' brother to school today. Occasionally, it was En. Arif, my dad's driver. I did all the
house work, so like I am an angel to day because I did lots of good things including sweeping away
the dry leaves, put away the rubbish, clean the house, dry-cleaning and arranging clothes, wash
the dishes and others. Anyway, my 'abang saudara' (cousin) will be coming tonight with his wife
and my aunt. 


Today, I went to my school and hang out at the studio with Noni and Abg. Zamri. I also met En.
Rahman and show him my website. Then, we have our art discussion again, concentrating at my
artwork, planning how to develop my sculpture using computer to make it 4D. Da... so hard and
a tough decision. Well, I was up yesterday so I did not sleep until now. Just imagined how my 
computer had some 'bad' damage, so I reformat and reinstalled it. It took me more than 3 hours to 
complete (covering MS Win98 SE, Drivers, Modem, Soundcard, Web cam, Office 2000, Audio 
Software, Macromedia Software, Adobe Photoshop 5.0 and Internet Utilities Software's.


I went to my school today. I met Nony and Zahir. We talk about our future children's name. Hah!
Anyway, En. Bad came in to our class, and at sudden, the class seems to be 'so quite'. After a
while, I went down my sculpture studio and did a 'touch' at my cast. Then, I went to the office and
did a spontaneous discussion with En. Rahman about my artwork. He really gave me a new hope
and idea in doing my artwork. I know it's rather stupid of me to waste my time reconstructing tent
and canopy for my sculpture for no reason.  He was trying to make a clear picture of my artwork.

It was: Using technology for the sake of art, morph the art content to 'interactive arts'. Means,
combining technology and nature as a cross-cultural issue. Now...what am I talking about? :-)

27/03/01 - 25/03/01

Me and the whole family went back to Ipoh, Perak, to attend my cousin's wedding. It was
really fun and I got to chat with my aunt Norehan. She is so opened-minded and cool to
hang around with. Gosh.......I ate so many food, and still look so skinny. Hmm... I wonder why..


Today was an exciting day. I just came back from T3 Adobe Seminar at J. W. Marriott Hotel at
Jalan Bukit Bintang. Pak Long (Asrul) and Mamat (Mohammed) of Graphic 08 followed me to the
seminar. It was so 'happening'! I even met my ex-graphic senior, Zulkhelmi and his best friend.
The seminar talks and givin' tips about Adobe Software such as Photoshop 6, Illustrator 9, Go Live
Live Motion and Image Ready. It was so tremendous to see and met Julieanne Kost (Senior 
Photoshop Evangelist Adobe System and Daniel Brown (Web Evangelist Adobe Systems) from
U.S.A. There were cool. I was inspired. I was impressed with the latest features in Photoshop 6
and Live Motion software. I don't walk empty handed, cause I got the chance to ask a question
about Live Motion and got a free Adobe Baseball cap as a prize! :) And as usual, there's free CD
sampler. Both of my friend got nothing, but they were so happy to attended the seminar. After that,
we went to Imbi Plaza to survey some hardware and CD-R. Well, it was fun. I even met an old friend
of mine, Harvinder around Sg. Wang.

I wonder what happened to my sculpture class since I've been to the seminar from 2pm to 5pm. Hmm............. 


There's supposed to be a crit session today, but It was canceled cause the lecturers didn't
attend. So, I was lucky cause Noni called me up when I was just about to get out of the house
and head to Shah Alam.


I just finished my class. We have our weekly Methodology test. It was freaky. I online know
about Wolfflin and remember less about Georgio Vasari. There was a photography session 
and Haryany was my photographer.


I fell off my motorbike after passing the junction where there was an oil spill. I got some scratch
and minor injury, thank God. I did not tell mum cause I don't wanna make her worried. Anyway,
I couldn't go back to Sg. Besi after I got to Shah Alam, so I sleep at my old rent house back in
section 7. Then, I hang out with Afik and I had my lunch with his family after Friday Prayers.


I clean up my house today, masak nasi goreng for breakfast, wash the dishes, wash the clothes
and swept away all the dry leaves at my backyard. My parents didn't come home yet. I guess they
will be arrive at late night. Kak yong seems to be very moody today, so I tak larat nak layan. :)


Today, my family went to Kelantan, so I'm sort of home alone. I decided to go and meet
Amir at Shah Alam this evening. I clean up my house today. Sure looks pretty. I will be back
soon. My web cam has been updated. You can check out how I clean up my TV room.

After I met Amir and Saiful Redza, we have our lunch at Subang Parade. My sister called me up
to go there (Subang) for lunch). She's with her friends (Kak Lily, Peng Peng & Felicia) at Coffee

At Night, we went out (Me, Aniq, Felicia, Lily and her fiancé, Stef) at Irish Pub, Bangsar.
I got the chance to dance downstairs even though it wasn't meant to be a dance floor but
people keep on bogie. (No, I don't DRINK!). I only had my coke. After that, we went out to eat
at Medan Selera in Bangsar, the place SUCKS! (some place). They got bad service in serving
food. Seeing the environment, I make my conclusion.

So I question u guys, where do Malay go wrong when they are very typical and lazy to
do work. Lagi bangsa melayu nak dengki kat bangsa lain atas kejayaan yang diaorang perolehi.
Sedarlah diri sikit, kita tu pemalas. Kalau nak comparekan, orang cina buka bisness (kedai) diaorang pukul 8:00 pagi, sedangkan bangsa kita terkial kial, baru nak pergi ke pasar cari 
makanan, baru nak panaskan air, baru nak masak nasi. Buka kedai pukul 9:00 pagi, kekadang 
tu pukul 10:00. Memanglah tak dapat dinafikan ada juga melayu yang berusaha, tapi boleh kira
berapa kerat. Apa nak jadi, awak tu nak ber'reformasi' konon, nak mempertahankan hak dan
keistimewaan yang ada, sedangkan mereka, bangsa lain tak sentuh pun kita.Diaorang patut di lihat as a role model kerana mereka rajin, bekerja keras bagi memperolehi kejayaan. Bangsa lain kaya sikit, bangsa kita dengki. Biarkah kita reformasi, TAPI reformasi UNTUK DIRI KITA. Tingkatkan
usaha daya, buktikan pada bangsa lain yang kita juga rajin. Ini tak, awak buat reformasi, pelajaran
entah ke mana, rumah bersepah, anak bini tinggalkan tak bagi makan. Bila awak tak ada kerja,
menganggur, nak salahkan kerajaan sedangkan temuduga-temuduga pekerjaan yang berlambak
ada tak mahu hadiri, nak pilih tempat kerja yang ada hawa dingin, yang ada bergelar 'boss'.
GET A LIFE MAN!! Mulakan usaha anda dari paras bawah. Biar jadi kuli orang dulu, cari 
pengalaman, baru boleh naik diri. Saya tak mahu berpihak pada sesiapa, tapi anda tanyalah diri
anda, anda capaikah kejayaan dalam diri anda, yang boleh dibanggakan? Wake up, Wake UP! 

I have a strong rebel, I wanna be a Malay with dignity, yang dapat memajukan bangsa saya sendiri,
dan nak buktikan yang anak melayu juga BAGUS dalam segala benda. Marilah berubah. 'Marilah
menuju kejayaan' (itu lah yang dilaungkan 5 kali sehari yang banyak daripada kita yang mengendah
kannya). Jangan asyik nak habiskan duit ibu bapa, yang bersusah payah carikan duit untuk anda
belajar, agar anda dapat menghadiahkan mereka kejayaan. Jangan asyik nak racing motor, nak
main perempuan, nak rosakkan anak dara perempuan, minum arak, tinggalkan puasa dan buat
perkara yang 'bodoh sombong'. If we want to start something, we start from ourselves. Don't blame 
the Government. 


Same as yesterday....


Nothing interesting today. I had no class. It's quite bored. 


I didn't come to class today cause I am so f***in' tired. Tak larat nak pandu motorsikal all the way
from Sg. Besi to Shah Alam. Anyway, I have to complete my drawings for tomorrows presentation. 
I went shopping stationary and buy some CD-R's. I print my own business cards cause I always 
run out of 'stocks'. Lagipun duit bukannya ada. Kalau nak keluarkan RM35 untuk buat namecard,
baik I pegi makan ker,
buy computer accessories or buy audio CD for my listening pleasure. 


Wow.......its AIDILADHA..... I didn't went out. I stayed home watchin' TV and surfing the web.
I also watch my friend appearance in a game show at NTV7, 'Famili Ceria'. Feel free to visit my
friends website at . The whole family went for our family photo shoot at
Bandar Tasik Selatan Fuji film.  


It's Monday, My dad goes to work. Anyway, I went to Malacca. Me and mum went to Masjid 
Tanah and do some window shopping. It's not that interesting though.. I could only see people
heating up the 'lemang' and 'sembelih' cow @ lembu for tomorrow celebration. Penat driving...,
after that kena kemas luar rumah,
I have to pick up the dry dead leaves and throw it away.
Before that, I didn't sleep since yesterday night, so I stay up early in the morning. I clean up the
room, listened to Kris Dayanti and Al Jarreau. 


Today, It's rather weird to see myself. Like my horoscope SMS me today, I think I'm experiencing
'flash-memory' of trouble from the past. I wrote lots of poems/poet/poetry. You can check it out
at the 'Articles + Poetry' section in my website. Since I got my line back, I've been trying to 
connect to TM.Net. Gosh! I tell you....the line suck! I like Jaring better but I hate their system of
paying and this and that..... Did u guys heard about the DSL @ ADSL broadband in M'sia? I hope
it's worth of subscribing it. You can imagine your internet line speeding up, at least 400kbps. 
(I think). 


I spent most of my week at home. I didn't go back to Shah Alam. But it was really drained week
for me too. Well, I clean up the house, especially the guest room, dining hall, the kitchen, upstairs
and of course my room. I do the regular cleaning like mopping the floor, wash the dishes, arranged
flowers and others. I felt like a 'Cinderella', but only this one was the 'black' version. Y'know...

I also went shopping with ma. It was surprisingly to see my old friend back in Malacca.
They worked at Care four in Sri Petaling. 


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