1. Must have a theme for your website
    - this one discuss what are your point 
      or objective building your website.
  2. What are the content and your concept
    you would like to show to the audience.
    - Is it entertainment? art? culture? etc.
  3. Start drawing your page-layout sketches
    - Draw your page layout from index page 
      until your contact page. 
    - Hierarchies sketches is a must
  4. Collect all the information, data and 
    material  before you start building your 
    - This is easier for you to put all the 
      elements at one time, so you don't need 
      to download or look for another stuff to 
      put into your website.
  5. Make sure you calculate your of graphics 
    and other files in your website so that other 
    users  can download your homepage fast.
    - Especially graphic, make sure you use 
      below 14.5 kb size of file, for example, 
      see Yahoo! or Hotmail website.
  6. Avoid pop-up JavaScript
    - It disturb other users visual, it makes 
      more complicated to surf your website.
    - If you use a free server, try Geocities or 
      Areal City. Geocities banner looks cute...
    - But then again, avoid using banner.
    - I hate pop ups sponsers!!!
  7. Make sure your design is well-balance 
    and easy to navigate. Don't put too much 
    button, yet. sort the  navigation into 
    sections/level, so people won't get 
    bored or confused with your navigation.
    - Use Status Text to describe the function 
      of the link or ALT name your button.
  8. Use table to arrange your page layout and 
    design, so it will be organized, clean and 
  9. Make your website alive with active 
    graphics or interactivity such as Flash. 
    - Use flash is better, especially for your 
      website introduction page or while 
  10. Make sure you organized your website 
    by creating a sub-directory for buttons, 
    images, sounds or download.
  11. ALWAYS name your first page as  
    INDEX.HTML in your root/directory. 
    - This one is to make sure when people 
      don't  access your index files.
  12. Always keep your website looks nice 
    and simple.
  13. Hired any editor to edit your text in your 
    website,  especially your language, 
    grammars and spellings.
  14. Use Arial, Verdana, Helvetica and 
    Sans-serif. Times Roman is too common.
    - for example, 
    <FONT face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">
  15. Try to make your website preview in 
    full screen. 800x600 is just cool.
    - Millions of website use 800x600 screen
      display panels.
  16. Again, use flash ! Its very cool to have a
    website with FLASH. Put some sound, 
    animation and life. 
    - There are over 22,000,000 million website
      uses flash technology.

    Use shape tweening and motion. 
    But not too heavy though.
  17. Make sure you learn basic HTML, like:

    - <title>Welcome To My Homepage Everyone!</title>
    - <a href="yourlink.html">
    -<img border="0" src="graphic.gif" width="1" height="1">
    Background Image
    - <Body background="background.jpg">
    Sound background
    - <bgsound src="music.wav" loop="-1">
    E-mail link
    - <a href="mailto:muidlatif@yahoo.com">
    And other html elements

  18. If you make a link page, make sure all 
    of those links open at a new window.
  19. Make sure every page loads below 15 
    seconds  or they close your website and 
    browse other sites.
  20. Your content must be very interesting
    - If you build a personal homepage, make 
      sure you include picture gallery, poetry 
      and something either education 
      or entertainment. Make people go in
      your website regularly.
  21. Try to design and animate all graphics by 
    your own, don't take or download from other 
    websites. You find yourself very happy because 
    all of your element, content and design of your 
    website is genuine and originally created 
    by you skills, not from others. 

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