Web Tips
Make Your Site 'The Bomb!'

Priority On Content

- How to keep your target audience come back to your website
- Offer free stuff, like free downloads, free graphics... mostly all FREE!
- Make an eye-cache design & layouts
- Keep the content and website updated frequently
- Make an easy, user-friendly navigation
- Always put in hit-counter, web static's and guest book
- Make sure that all of your documents and writings are clear for
  users to read it. Use font's like Arial, Verdana, Helvetica or Tahoma.
  It's much better compared to Times Roman.
- Always check your spelling and grammars (I know mine got lots 
  of mistakes). 

Recognized Your Target Audience

- Who are your target audience (mostly youngsters like students love to surf)
- Where are your target audience (sometimes business-based website only
   go for local targets instead of international).
- Their background (mostly they are very educated and hunger for information)
- Know what your audience want (like well-compact info, free stuff, gift or misc.
- Always make sure your recognize your audience system requirements
  like versions of system operation, internet browser, graphic display and
  connection speed for your website. 

  Most people with use Internet Explorer 4.0+ while others uses Netscape 4.5+
  with 800x600 monitor display. Some home users still use 56kpbs Dial-Up connection, 
  while business companies and corporate use ISDN line, T1 or broadband. 

The Importance of Graphics and Web Design

- How to keep users 'charged' with eye-cache graphics
- Use unique, cool colors. Avoid use black and white. Try orange or green,
  the colors that physically boost your energy and refresh your mind.
- Use table to arrange text and graphics for layouts.
- Always make sure that the graphic is light, not to heavy or too long to 
  download, remember, your audience are NOT really a patient person,
  especially with those who use 56kbps Dial-Up connections.
- Always compress your graphic images (.JPEG or .GIF) below than 20KB.
  Example: 10kb is 5 Seconds for 28.8Kbps. So you can figure out how much
  graphic you should insert in your page or else, you will have to wait for it
  to download for a real loooooooong time.
- Use Macromedia® Flash™ or Adobe Live Motion to customized and compressed
  your edited graphics so it will become much more lighter. 
- If you like animation, put it in using Flash. People just love moving images.
  It will make a quick exercise for your physical and mental too. Believe me!
But remember, always make sure your graphic design look simple, not too
  heavy and easy to download. Avoid colors that's too bright or too dark.


Construct Your Own Online Society

- Put in message board (make sure it's replied too).
- Put Web Polls or discussions page
- Build Java-based chat room / page
- Interact with your audience
- Create a special page for members (audience)
  for free of course!
- Ask your audience to put in their stuff or anything
  in your website. You never know how talented their are,
  especially when it comes to writing articles, stories,
  poetry and others.
- Make community photo album, so many people
  can go in an check out their other members
- Make pen-pal page so your audience can interact
  with each other.

The Reaction From Your Audience

- Be open-minded. Always accept critics from your audience
  because it will help you improve much better in future.
- Always have feedback forms. Let users express their opinions
  or suggestion.

Multimedia Aspect

We know the RIAA is having battle with Napster. So, I won't encourage 
people to put in MP3 in their sites. Instead, try to put in music demos and samples.
Put in other formats like Real Audio Format (.ra, .rm, .ram) or Window Media
Player Format (.asf, .asx).

- I make sure I have my own video clip, like interview or talks, or maybe tutorial.
- Use a webcam to deliver your content more interactive.
- Put in your voice online (for tutorials, explanation and misc).
- Add documentary online.


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