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 System Requirements (Windows 95, 98, ME and 2000).







Latest Version of Internet Explorer Browser, IE.5.5 or Netscape 4.73 
(Netscape 6 will NOT work for this website because lack of JavaScript & HTML function)
Macromedia Flash 5 Player/ Plug in or Shockwave Flash Player. 
Any Intel Pentium Based Processors or AMD Processors. 
(Recommending Pentium II / Celeron)
At least 24MB RAM (Get WinRAM Booster Freeware at http://www.totalidea.de)
Monitor Display of 800x600 (pixels). Please change your monitor setting under 
'Control Panel' in 'My Computer'.
Speakers and standard soundcard (SoundBlaster, Creative or etc) to enjoy sound.
Stable Internet Speed Connection. ISDN/T1/Broadband Connection Recommended.
Multimedia Player such as RealPlayer 8, QuickTime 4 or Windows Media Player 7 to
listen to music, MP3, or .wave files and .AVI, MPEG, .rm to see video clips or interviews.

This plug in must be installed in order to view [muidlatif.net] website with proper functions, 
layout & design because you need the latest web tools and plugins & software for make sure 
you satisfy & enjoy animation. Please install the latest internet browser: Internet Explorer 5 
or  Netscape 4.72 (before 6.0 version) with free Flash 5 plug in or download the plug in from 
Macromedia's website. After you have installed  and updated your internet browsers & Flash 5 
plug in, You can go back to my front page and click
'muidlatif.net' link to enter. Thank you and 
have a nice day.

Notice: Software's that are mention above are absolutely free. 
Check out their home to receive updates & news.

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