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Sifoo* is an exciting and fascinating local Malaysia website that deliver the dynamic content of web design tips, tutorial that covers Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML, articles, news, reviews, discussions and resources
to web graphic design related as well as entertainment. 
What so special about sifoo is that all content were 
presented and delivered in Bahasa Malaysia.

* Sifoo means 'teacher', 'guru' or 'Master' (from Chinese Language). 

To Those like webmasters, web designers, researchers and 
students who love internet, animations and web design, this 
is the place where they can learn about web design, graphic 
design, animation, how to create website, know the local 
and current events of graphic seminars and related. Sifoo 
has won many local awards like Cari, Jelah and others. It is 
also so-called-to-be Local Flash™ Community. Plus, you'll 
be able to send free post cards, download cool wallpapers, 
download tutorials and other that are very useful. You can 
also nominate your website (well, it must be very cool!) in 
order to win and get their awards.

I would like to say
sifoo always update their content 
regularly, at least 2 times a week or once a month. 


Add streaming video and audio (in Window Media Format, 
Real Video/Audio Format of tutorials, interviews, forums
and chat rooms. A special page of local web designers
and talents would be a plus so visitors from other country can see what Malaysian can do too. I think Sifoo need to
put more pages, especially for download. I would suggest
to add royalty-free audio (.wav, .mp3, .aif) loops, free font
face/ type download and games.

- By Muid Latif [ ]


Content: Very well and useful

Graphically cool

Effects: dHTML / javascript effects on mouse cursor

Download time
: Normal (Dail-up)

Rating: 8/10

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