// Qualifications 

Conceptual web design based on elements and the principal of arts & design. (Research throughout before starting web design).

Electronically design and illustrates images for web design, graphic design and animation. Covers website 
of entertainments and arts with multimedia capability such as audio and video presentation.

Edit pictures, manipulates and enhance images 
or photography using Photoshop or related graphic editing software.

Publish design in websites for e-commerce, 
commercials, entertainment and personal use.

Basic internet protocols, file transfer protocols 
and hyper text markup language (HTML).

Basic handling for Domain Name Registration
and redirections. 


// Working Experience

Nov 97 - Dec 97        Webmaster, Web Designer,  
                               Sun East Electronics Sdn. Bhd. (M)

Nov 97 - Feb 98        Cyber Cafe Assistant,
                               STOOL Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. (M), 
                               Shah Alam.

January 2000            Judge for 'Art & Entertainment' 
                               category, CARI January 2000, 
                               Internet Awards. 

Sept.99 - July 2000   PC Assistant / Constructor/ Web 
                               ITECH Millennium Enterprise,
                               Jln. Zikron7e, Sect.7, Shah Alam.

August 2000             Working freelance for Sutracom 
                               Sdn. Bhd., for 1 website project

November 2000-       Practical Training at Graphics & 
February 2001          (Stage) Setting Department,
                               Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM),
                               Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur.

December 2000        Judge for 'Education' category for
                               CARI January 2001 Awards.

January 2001            Webmaster/ Designer for 
                               Ferhad Online official website.


// Web Design 

Suneast Electronic Sdn. Bhd.  
Designed: 1997

Innuendo Online (Fan-Based Website) [Go]
Designed: 1998-99

Anuar Zain Online Designed: 1999 [Go]

STOOL Cyber Cafe Website  
Designed: 1997

iTECH Millennium Official Website [Go]
Designed: July 99

Ferhad Online (Official Website) [Go]
Designed: April 2000 / Feb 2001 (update)

Faculty of Art & Design, UiTM. 
Designed: February 2000

Tonggak 10 official website (flash intro), 
Selangor State Gov. 2000.

There more than 20 personal websites, 
community and entertainment website 
I've design. Please email me to receive 
full detail and the web addresses.


// Awards, Art Exhibition and Competition 


2001    PIKOM-COMPUTIMES IT Awards 2000 
           short-list nomination.

2000    PIKOM-COMPUTIMES IT Awards 2000 
           short-list nomination.

2000    Longest Memorial Banner Drawing for 
           Malaysian Guinness Book Of Records 
           Venue: Art Gallery, Shah Alam.

2000    Sifoo Design - Best Design Award

2000    Anugerah Jelah.Com Award (a09)

2000    Web Design Competition, Expo IT/ KUIT2000,
           University of Technology (MARA).

2000    Web Presentation, Expo IT, KIUT2000,
           Foyer Menara, UiTM.

1999    MyWeb  Webmaster  Contest (Contestant) 

1997    Art Market, Foyer FSSR, UITM, Shah Alam,  

1998    Art Market, Foyer Menara, UITM, Shah Alam, 

1998    Painting 300m Banner for Commonwealth 
           Games'98 Foyer Menara, UiTM, Shah Alam.

1996    'Vision 2020' Students Drawing Contest, 
           Tanjung Bidara, Malacca.




// Education 

1991       UPSR    Sek. Men. 
                          Angkatan Tentera, 
                          Johor Bahru, Johor.

1994       PMR      Sek. Men. Bantuan St. Joseph, 
                          Kuching, Sarawak.

1996       SPM      Sek. Men. Kem Terendak,  Malacca.

1997       Microsoft Office, Computer Maintenance, 
              GOON, PC Institute of Computing, Pudu, K.L.

1997       Bachelor of Fine Art (Degree), 
and         Mara University of Technology,  
present   Shah Alam. Selangor Darul Ehsan.


// Art Work + Sculpture

Islamic Arabes 3D Relief design (private collection)
Clay Modeling : Traditional Keris Weapon Sculpture
Fiber Casting  : Traditional Keris Weapon Sculpture
Welding : Bird Sculpture
Sand Sculpture : 
(Temporary) Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. 
Calligraphy-based Sculpture: 
'Step To Heaven' (private collection) 
Electronic Arts 'Chat' Demo/ Exhibition Nov'00.
'The Connector' July 2001
'I Click and I'm Wired' July 2001. 


// Technical 
Skilled in use of PC/Windows 95, 98 or later +
Macintosh Skilled in use of numerous design 
software packages, including:


Adobe Photoshop 5.5
Adobe Illustrator 9.0
Animation Shop 2.0
Paint Shop Pro 7.0
Macromedia Flash 4 & 5
Macromedia Dreamweaver 
Macromedia Director 8
Microsoft FrontPage 2000
Microsoft Word/Excel 2000  
Microsoft PowerPoint 2000   
XaRA 3D Fonts                    
RealProducer 8.5
MP3 encoder                     
Microsoft Paint                    
CGI Script (5%)                  
Java Applet (Anfy)             
FTP Cute                          
WS FTP Pro                       
WinZip 8.0                        
Vegas Video/Audio
Acid Xpress 2
ASF On-Demand Producer


(Graphic Application)
(Graphic Application)
(Graphic Animation)
(Graphic Application)
(Graphic Animation)
(Graphic Animation)
(Graphic Animation)
(3D Font Application)
(Video/Audio Utilities)
(Audio Utilities)
(Graphic Application)
(form & guest books)
(cut & paste pages)
(Anfy Java Program)
(Internet Utilities)
(Internet Utilities)
(Internet Utilities)
(Multimedia Editor)
(Audio Mix/ Editor)
(Video/Audio Editor)

// Career Objective 

I am seeking a challenging jobs for career maturity 
and to expand my knowledge and skills to accomplish 
excellence in future undertakings.



// Personal Behavior //

Helpful, friendly, spontaneous, sovereign, matures,  
responsible and be able to interact with people at 
all levels. I would preferred to work on an internal 
project where my talents, physical and mental
capabilities can be fully utilized. I enjoy working 
individual as well as a team where I can get new ideas, 
friends + expose to a healthy cool and hippy 
or professional communication.
I'd prefer to working freelance, not 9-5 type-job. 
I also like traveling and prefer to be equipped with 
internet communication with others such as web cam 
or video net meeting, WAP, SMS, mobile internet and
wireless application as working area.





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