Profile: Part II
 Abdul Muid B. Abdul Latif
: muidlatif™, M, MOe8.
: 22 (24th of February 1979)
: Penang, Malaysia.
: Pisces
: Malay (with some untraceable mix blood..:))
: Muslim (Islam)
: 165cm
: 51kg
: Male
: Single



 (Part I)


Fave Celebrities

What I Like

What You Hate

10 Fav. CD (Artist)
I listen to

Fav. Movie

Fav. Actor

Fav. Actress

Fav. Cell phone

Never leave 
home without

Before get out
of room in the

: Gather your strength and let success lead the way.

: I don't make technology ridiculous with arts.
  My obligation is to make sure I deliver the art 
  & content to a new method and ways so people
  will accept and understand art and take it as part 
  of motivation and inspiration in their life.

: Vincent Van Gogh, Kitagawa Utamaro,
  Yusof Ghani, Dr. Ahmad Rashidie &
: Angelina Jolie, Aisywarya Rai, Wesley   
  Snipes, Cameron Diaz, 

: A person with self-esteem, courage, 
  hardworking, motivated, independent,
  educated, unique, weird, environmental
  friendly, musical and  wisdom.

: Selfish, ego-maniac, Racist, 'pantai', materialistic,
  pathetic woman-trap-inside-man and those who claim
  that they are weak and need support. Please!!! Get a life!
 More, I hate bunch of girls (normally Malay IPT girls) who
  like to get attracted especially on public transport. They
  would talk very loud, laughed, showing of their mobile
  phones and others. I say, "Kalau dah tau awak tu pakai
  tudung, berkelakuanlah macam seorang muslimah yang
  sopan, jangan sebab ada kawan, lupa diri
". They sucks!
  Yang peliknya, most perempuan yang 'tak pakai tudung'
  kat situ pun boleh duduk senyap & bersopan. Buat malu
  bangsa dan agama sahaja
! This is what's happening in
  our Malaysian nowadays.

: Mary J. B;lige - "What's The 411", "Share My World"
  Toni Braxton - "Heat", "Toni Braxton"
  Tamia - "Nu Day",
  TLC - "CrazySexyCool"
  Monica - "Miss Thang"
  Sade - "Diamond Life"
  Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
  U2 single "Beautiful Day"
  Postishead - "Wondering Stars"
  Jars Of Clay

:'Set It Off', The Mask, The Matrix, 'Bird Cage', 'Girl 6',
 'Blade', 'Storm Riders', 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon',
 '10 Things I Hate About You', 'Something About Mary',
 'Hercules (Wild Disney)', 'Hackers', 'The Bone Collector',
 'Charlies Angels', 'X-Men', 'Any Given Sunday', 'Mambo
 Kings', 'Austin Powers' and many more non-fiction, action, 
 science fiction movie. For local, I like 'Soal Hati', 'Layar Lara', 
 'Syukur 21',  'Leftenan Adnan' and others.

: Bruce Willis, George Clooney, Wesley Snipes, Tom Hanks,
  Jim Carey, Robin Williams, Mel Gibson, Sidi Oraza, Rosyam
  Noor & Matthew Broderick

: Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz, Ida Nerina, Lisa Kudrow,
  Theresa Randle, Jada Pinkett, Queen Latifah, Halle Berry,
  Tyra Banks, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie.

: Nokia's 7110, Nokia 9210, Siemens SL45, Erricson "Smart
  Phone" & Samsung's  SPH-M100.

: My organizer, wallet, sketch pad, CD-R diskette, books
  or magazine, ID card, cell phone and a pray of good day.

: Thank AlMighty for giving me life, put on some music and
  get motivated, brush teeth, wear face mask, take my bath, 
  choose what to wear, 20 sit ups and clean up my room.





Schools & Higher Learning

& Interest


word used

Fav. Food


Fav. Song

Fav. Sitcom
(TV series) 

Fav. Boyband

Fav. Website

:  MCE, Certificate of Computing.
   Degree In Fine Arts (Electronic Arts), UiTM.

: 01  SRK Taman Batu Keramat, Selangor, M'sia.
  02  Point Lonsdale Primary School, Geelong, Vict., Aust.
  03  SK Angkatan Tentera, Johor Bahru, Johor.
  04  SRK Cator Avenue, Ipoh, Perak.
  05  SM Anderson, Ipoh, Perak.
  06  SMB St. Joseph, Kuching, Sarawak.
  07  SM Kem Terendak, Malacca.
  08  SM Kepong, Selangor.
  09  GOON Institute of Computing, Kuala Lumpur. 
  10  University Technology MARA (UiTM), Shah Alam.

:  Art, Psychology, Web Design, HTML, Web Surfing,
   Music, 'Roller blading', Collecting comics, Singing, 
   Dancing, Clubbing, Making friends, sports, swimming,
   Traveling,  Discussions, Communicating, SMS,
   exchanging Ideas, Trippin' alone in room and talk.
   I talk a lot. I don't know if people will get annoyed 
   by that.

: To achieve whatever I'm doing, my career as a student
  and as a muslim. I also want to improve my English!! hah!
  I got lot's of things, so you can check out my 'alphabetic 
  interview to know more.

: "Er...Selamat Pagi" in Japanese Tone. "Get A Life",
  "Oh...what a ****!", "Mai Chow Cibai " "That was like..."
  "Like-like lah...",  "alah..yang gitu-gitu....", 
  "Serious Talk?", "Serious S***?", "What the....?", 
  "Oouuii!",  "Oh...madonna",  "Adios Amigo", "Gracias" 
  and lots more.

: Tom Yam, Tauhu, Soto Ayam, Nasi Goreng Pataya, 
  Tosei Telur, Tau Chu, French Fries, Sallad, Pizza, 
  Cheese Cake, Almond Caramel Banana Cake (Yumm!!),
  Hot Dog with Mayo and cheese, and anything 
  water-based food or mee noodles. Oh...Maggie too. 

: Lemon Ice Tea, Coke, Fresh Milk, Lai Chee Kang, 
  McFlurry,  Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Nescafe and
  Blended coffee.

: Say My Name - Destiny's Child, 'He Needs Me' - Nina 
  Simones, 'Love Should've Brought U Home' - Toni 
  Braxton,  'Smack My Bitch Up' - Prodigy, 'Sex Machine' 
  - James Brown, 'Most Girls' - P!NK, 'Good Love' - Kelly
  Price, 'Whip Appeal', 'For The Cool In You', 'Lady, Lady',
  'The Day' by Babyface, 'Stranger In My House' - Tamia,
  'Could It Be' by Jahiem, 'It's Over Now' - 112,
  'My First Love' - Avant,  'Love No Limit' - Mary J. Blige,
  'Ms Brown To You', Billie Holiday, 'Fast Car' - Tracy
  Chapman, 'Where I Wanna Be' by Donell Jones, 'Untitled
  (How Does It Feel)' - D'Angelo and many layback ghetto

: Ally McBeal, F.R.E.I.N.D.S, Buddies (Local), 
  Kopitiam (Local), 3rd Rock From The Sun, 
  Pua Chu Kang, Charmed (That was last year),
  Survivor (Quite okay...) and Martial Law.
: N'Sync. That's all. They matters to me cause of 
  their choreography. 

:,,,,,,,,,,, and flash
  dhtml based website. 




P/s: I Think this is it for now. I will update each month. C'ya!