I Declared the Truth

I want to declare the truth,
in order to persuade motivation.
I demand the fact, that I am nothing,
Nothing but just a human.

I don't want to be ego and selfish,
Nor I don't want to be a hypocrite.
The people might think that I am 
such a show-off person, but yet I am

I demand a perspective of patience,
in order so that I can survive,
I am so weak, and only God knows.
I'm trying to give the best, 
so people can share with me.
A vision of truth, forever be with me,
so no one can take this away. 

My Sweet Love

In the month of June,
I brought you a bouquet of blue roses,
with three kisses I gave you,
blessed with such a lovely feelings.

The smell of your musk,
carry deep in my heart,
the expression you gave towards me,
makes me feel consequently to love.

Something in your eyes,
tells me the accuracy about you,
you are extraordinary to me,
for that I adore you.

We were meant to be,
together endlessly,
because youre my sweet girl,
my love is equitable for you. 

The Complete Disaster 

Each of every corner of you,
lies a monster of disaster,
a complete destroyer,
who can only pursue you.

The things around you,
can never be trusted,
they will come so instant,
for you, will never get a second chance.

You thought you can run away,
but they linger in each angle,
they have no love and no limit,
their potential is to conquer you. 

And when you possess them,
people will never see you,
they have no love towards you,
they only disgust you.

Colors of Dreams
(Ahmad Yanni Zubir)

In my life,
Im still searching for my dreams,
That never ends
In this sadness and emptiness,
Im still thinking, 
Can the tender wind carry me,
To reach the sky of dreams?

Love, bless, calm and success,
Are the dreams that I must color them,
In my entire life

But why must they stopped me,
From reaching my dreams?
And why must they be the hindrance?

God, how could they do this to me,
And why I always see the dim colors!
Colors of dreams,
Are you still mine?
Only God knows the answer.

Written by Yanni Zubir.


Time is a monster,
That discreet in each second,
Each minute would vanish,
Into a place called the never-never land.

Sometimes it hurt softly,
So that each hour would linger,
Capturing every blessed moment,
And when it passes,
A smile would end the dread.

But it wont wait for us,
not to say,
It only bring out the beast in us,
For when we are being captured,
We a, the monster!

Friendship Forever

Friendship which creates guidance,
Bring us the weave of honesty,
Waves that across the equity,
Is the light of our gladness.

Friendship carries commitment,
And connecting the life of a person,
When ever it is hard or easy,
Will be rod as a tradition. 

Friendship carries justice,
Friendship prevent misunderstanding,
Friendship will never torn apart
Because it is just the way it is

My friend,
The groom of our friendship,
Will lead us in a happy ending,
Bind with memories,
Can never be thrown, nor to taken away.

The End of an Epilogue

Blossoms and orchid freshens my retrospection,
Through the trees and the lake in sanctuary
A fallen leaf takes a journey of a life,
That must be appreciating eternally in each of us.

I always measure my pride consistently,
To ensure what will I be today,
But sad melodies defile my heart,
By reason of never to achieve my dignity.

Which ways of life should I go,
To what road I must chased,
The time passes so expeditious,
God, If only I could given a chance,
I promise myself to end a sad love song.

Im Tired

Im fatigued with my agony,
Im tired of her wounds,
Im tired of his retention,
Im exhausted and hinder. 

Nevermore felt alive,
I always feel blue,
What do I get through,
How can I kisser you?
Im tired once again...

How can I sovereign to myself?
How to control this helpless emotion?
How to relent my body?
I want to be peace, 

In contrast Im too tired, 
Im tired of this.

Written By Muid 7/5/98 11:15 a.m.


I imagining a fear for panther, 
that creeps into your room,
Lost and quiet,
it jumps to you and licks you on your bed, 
And taste a hunger for blood, 
ripping you apart.

is the worst enemy,
a soldier of disaster,
Complete to persuade your soul.

Fear is our evil, and the only way to do,
Is never to run away from it, 
use your fear!

Let yours confident and braver guide you 
So youll never slip away, 
from that dark night.

Written By Muid 8/5/98 11:29 p.m.


The most thing I earn,
A mouth for me to talk,
A mouth for me to taste,
A mouth to have a kiss.

Bring so much luck in our life,
Yet, can also be trouble to us.
All the same, 
mouth is mouth.
Who cares about it!

Can be nasty to use,
Can be interesting to use,
A mouth for me to eat,
A mouth for you to blow a feather 

Read the gospel of truth, 
can also make lies, silly lies, 
We have to beware, of mouth.

Love As A Lesson

I was walking out last night,
try to clear my mind, 
seeing someone sitting lonely, 
look like he got nothing to do,

Came to him and give a hello, 
Said he broke up with his love,
he's feeling blue and confused, 
He said it was his fault.

She said she never ever loved him, 
she's taking him for granted, 
He thought that she was honesty, 
but it turn to be other ways

Life is very strange , 
with people around, 
different attitude, different faces, 
I said to him to let it go, 
and take a new journey of a beginning 
in his life.

So, I leave him and I take a smoke, 
Figured out not the same thing to happened 
to me, 
Hope I caution with everyone, 
so it would be a lesson, 
and a lesson called love.

We Are So Natural

In the circle of life, 
This love goes deeper inside of me, 
For when I met you, 
my love gained stronger...
love and trust grows...
I caught up in the rapture of love. 

We were born in a life so innocent, 
yet so free, 
For what we do is so natural, 
in many ways, 
we were blessed and loved.

Love is the melodious key to our relation, 
in our life, 
it will recover our soul, 
deep within, without measure and border.....

We are true to ourselves, 
we keep our secrets together, 
we are one.....

I never will let go of you, 
especially the things that you do to me, 
cause its so natural, 
of what lovers do.


This poems I had written is copyright under
Soul Publishing @ Muid Latif 1997-2001.
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Ku Perlukan Dirimu

Ku Bisa memerlukanmu,
Bagi merawat hatiku yang kian lama luka,
Namun kau takkan sedar,
akan perasaan ini hanya buatmu,
Mengapa kau tidak mengarti,
perasaan yang ku curahkan padamu?

Ku tak bisa kisah dimana kau berada,
ku harap agar dikau membawa diriku ini,
tidak kira dimana pun juga,
mahupun di dalam sanubarimu.

Ku tidak mahu kau beredar dari sisiku,
Kerna bagiku kaulah segala-galanya,
yang dapat mengisi ruang kekosongan diri,
dan menyintai diriku,
sepertimana ku mencintaimu.