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I hope u guys can check out 3 
 great movies this months: Scary 
 Movie 2 (Malaysia will ban this film
 of course!), Tomb Raider and
 Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within.


 Anyway, the Malaysian PC Fair
 will be up soon in the first week
 of August 2001. Check out 
 PIKOM's website.

 Buy new catalogues at the 
 National Art Gallery. New
 exhibition updates available
 via their website.

 Anugerah Internet Malaysia (AMY)
 Malaysian Internet Awards already  
 started. Nominate my website! 
 Puhleezze!! Check it out at: 

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 view Muid's video clips. Make
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  01. Were All Going To Die!
  02. After Thesis Completed.
  03. Opinion About MiRC
  04. Digital Art must be Art!
  05. Opinion About Siti Nurhaliza
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 [ Haryany's Progress ]
Rhythm and Ta'alm! Here goes
 the Kolam Artwork.
 [ Zamrie's Progress ]
 He's catchin' up with his thesis 
 about digital print and paint. He
 said he knows everything. Then,
 Why the hell he keep on asking 
 me about computer arts ?!! 
[ Rahim's Artwork ]
. '
 'Hatiku bagaikan kaca'. Rahim is 
 now in Kelantan, doing his glass 
 artwork and installations. 
 [ Amier's problems ]
 He's in Pangkor Island for their
 IDE junior orientation.
 [ My Artwork Update ]

The work...the materials!
 Need money for God sake.
 I must collect all the computer and
 electronic hardware components
 available in Cyber Cafe's, Factory,
 trash...etc. It's so difficult. Anyone
 have any idea where can I get
 these materials? email me.

 Anyone wants to sell a digital 
 camera or a digital video camcorder
 below RM2,500.00? Must make
 sure it's cable/USB connected to
 PC, plus warranty and a free bag.

 Anyone who likes to discuss video
 art installation, please call me at:
 012-6629217 [ Mr. Muid Latif ]

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