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[ Ismail Zain ]
'Self Portrait' - Ismail Zain




 Ismail Zain (1930-1991)

 Ismail Zain has been the most outstanding & talented artist. 
 He is also described as the visionary of Malaysian Computer 
 Arts1. His work has open a new dimension of art, to a new 
 method, the digital art. Although he may not be the first to 
 use the computer technology to create art with computers, 
 he has open our eyes to observed and understand much 
 further about art in a different perspective. 

 His work, especially the digital collages and computer print
 has open a gateway to new world of digital art, as he explore
 the computer to produced his artwork as a part of a new 
 medium. In his digital collages, images and text from varied
 sources are merge in order to release their talents and the
 meaning, regarding many issues, from culture, social issues,
 economic, entertainment, religion, etc. His work, has inspired
 many local artist, therefore, there's video art, and the latest,
 web art.

1According to article, 'From Mass To Multimedia' First Electronic Arts  
   Catalogue, National Art Gallery.

 This website was created to honor Ismail Zain, and to
 introduce to young artists, art students, art fans and
 the local audiences in Malaysia to learn, observed and
 inspire his artwork. Besides, this website's also created
 to support the Electronic Arts movement in Malaysia
 and to increase more 'digital' artist in Malaysia.

 Prepared and edited by Muid Latif.