'Share My World' : An Alphabetic Interview

Let start with 'A'. What's your ability in art?

When you talk about art, it's very universal. I'm studying fine 
arts. I'm a sculptor. What I do is create things from a range  
of materials and element, generate it into form or  content of 
fundamentals of art, which is the element and principal in 
art & design. I gain lots of knowledge with arts. Believe me,
art is very influential in our lives. I'm an artist too. I see
things differently and always judge the surroundings from is
formal value, metaphorical sense and aesthetic aspects. At
the moment, I'm doing my research on Electronic Arts.  


'B' is for bed. What do you do before you sleep?
Well, I go to the bathroom, gargle and brush my teeth. 
It's important that I sleep well without having a bad smell 
on my pillow. I also made sure that I wash my face.
I hate to sleep with my face feeling greasy. I don't want 
any zits popping out everywhere. Then, I put some old 
good Latin jazz or some layback slow jam. Miles Davis,
Nina Simone and Jon B are really nice to 'slumber along' 


 'C' is for Computer. How much you 
 spend your time with it?
It's really amazing the wonders of computer, therefore, I spent most of my time learning  and exploring it as much as
I can. I start  out with games like 'Quake', 
'Spy Craft', 'Nukem 3D' and Fighting 
Games. That  was like during my primary 
school years. I still like good old basic 
games like PacMan.
You can see the picture on the left that
shows how busy I am with my pc. This 
pic was taken in 98. So it looked basic. 
But now, I've slowly assembled a few 
goods on it like Altec, scanner, CD-RW,
and of course, the free web cam given to 
me by Stephen of PC.COM Magazine. 


'D' is for Destiny. What is your destiny in life?

Talking about my destiny, I sure like the girls of  Destiny's Child!!! Anyway, I can't really
predict what is going to come about in future, but I got lots of things on my mind. I think I 
would love to be successful, to support myself and my family. It's all depends, only God 
knows. I know sometimes luck is on my side, and sometimes it's not. But I tell ya', I want to  have 3 or more career in future. I'm a bonafide workaholic, with lots of ambitions. I wanna 
have my own company, production team, I wanna make an album (just for fun), I wanna have my own art  exhibition and wanna be a real successful Malaysian. Oh...maybe gain 
some experiences outside Malaysia. I might as well go for PhD. Who knows.... anything
could happen. Well, I must say my future will be full of revenge on people who have 
underestimated me!!! 


 'E' is for Experience. Tell me the best experience you had and the worst.
There are thousand of stories I could start with. So, you can check my journal to see 
if there's anything interesting. Ok...there's Millennium Night, that was the worst. Really
sucks! That's when Amir and I got stuck in a horrible traffic jam that stretches to  5km from 
KLCC for 2 hours!! Others? Let's see, I nearly got drown with my sister Abby at Santubong 
Beach, Kuching, Sarawak. That happened on Independence Day back in 1994. 

To fall in love is the best experience, but it can also turn into a nightmare. I can't really 
understand what women wants...they contradict themselves too much. They want a caring 
person, but they also want big bucks! Worst, when you really need someone to talk to, 
they're not always there. A lot of girls get boyfriends just for the fun of spending money 
around. And they get jealous so easily, even if you're 100% true to them. So I'd rather stay 
single (sorry, no offense girls!) and not having so much to worry about.

Another good experience was during my stay in Australia, back in 1988-89 in Queenscliff, 
Victoria. I travel a lot during my childhood. I miss the Down Under.  A lot of nice memories 
that mark my life begins there. 


 'F' is for Friendship. How do you get along with your friends?
Well, there's a Malay saying that says, 'we could find 1000 of friends, but If we are down or
trippin', you could never find a good one
'. I hope I translate that one out right. I guess it's true. I got lots of friends. But most of them are busy with their own 'cliques'. I felt that a lot 
of people make friends so that they can use them to their own advantage, which I suffered a
lot of times. I find myself with no reliable friends when I'm lost or in-a-broke-down situation. 
But I do  love them even though they treat me bad sometimes.  Generally, I like to make 
friends coz I'm  quite friendly myself.  I'm not racist or anything, so I have lots of friends
which are not my race,  and I find them more reliable. I miss all my friends back
in Kuching, Sarawak, where there's Alex Wong Ang Siang, Amsalan & Leonard Liew. They 
are the best. In Ipoh, I have Tan Boon Koon and Tan Boon Tian, they are twins. I don't know
where they are now. I also have my Malay friendslah, like Ahmad Yanni, Meor Azlan (Yan),
Amir (Nokia), Afik (ala Kassim), Zian and others. These guys help me a lot. So they should
receive my credits. The best of my friends are the ones who motivates me in life. Oh yeah,
you might be surprise, but my true, real best friends are my own sisters, Aniqah (Kak Yong)
and Nurol Akma (Abby). 


 'G' is for God. Are you religious. Do you believe in God? 
Absolutely! I am proud to be a Muslim in that I have Allah the Almighty as the one and only
God. Anyone who don't believe in God should be sorry for themselves. Whoops! Sorry. But
it's true. It's one thing you must keep in your heart. Existence and faith. I'm not super
religious, but I keep myself to what I am. I am learning Islam everyday and that's what keep
me composed and grateful. I'm not perfect, and I've done things where even I can't forgive
myself with, but I'm trying to be a good Muslim. 


 'H' is for Health. How do you take care of your health?
Well, this is actually a sensitive question, because I got lots of problems with my health.
I don't exercise regularly because I got no time. And, it also depend on my mood. If I feel 
like working out, I will do it. I do keep exercise 3-4 times a week, like sit-ups and push up. 
I can't jog so much cause I'm quite skinny. When I jog, the next day I will be losing lots
of water. I always had this aim of getting 55-60kg. I am 50kg now. I guess I'm always
stressed with my studies and work. Well, for your information, I got sinus. It's my biggest
enemy. I also have a lot of allergies. My doctor told me not to eat oil-based food, sea food
and others. I felt itchy all over my face especially my nose and it feels horrible! I mean,
hellooo! how can I resist temptation like roasted cockles and yummilicious lobster on the
table waiting in front of me, right? 


 'I' is for Inspiration. Who is your inspiration and Idol in your life?
 There's a lot of people around who influenced me. And most of them comes from the music
 industry, like songwriters. Or a Multimedia Design Company. I like Jazz and people says I sing almost like James Ingrams. I can be the version of Glenn (of Indonesia). I love Stevie
 Wonder, Babyface, Quincy Jones, Dianne Warren, Rodney Jerkins, David Foster, Sheila
 Majid, Ning Baizura, Dallas Austin, Harvey Malaiholo or Nina Simone. 

As for Arts, there's Vincent Van Gogh, Kitagawa Utamaro, Nam June Paik, Yussof Ghani,
Jai, Hasnul and Shukri. In web design, there's Kioken Design,  there's Netmedia Design and
Japanese Manga

 What about intuition

 I believe in my instinct. I follow my heart, but sometimes I tune in too much. Sometimes,
 my intuition bring bad luck to me too.


 'J' is for jealousy. What are jealous of? 
Yeah. Lots of things. My family. Like how my dad treat my lil' sista' Abby. It's really
unfair. I don't blame Abby cause she's perfect compared to me and my older sister Aniq. I 
also get jealous of my friends or other people around me. That's what makes me to struggle 
more for future. I wanna be a famous-sort-off person. I really hate myself for now. I mean, I 
can see lovers holding hands, people with big money and more. I wanna be independent and 
I wanna be like them too. Most of all, I am jealous when it has something to do with my 
personal life. Man, its hard to find someone to love.


 'K' is for Knockout. Have you ever been knocked out?
By a girl, yeah. I mean knocked out like being blown out by somebody, right? I had that lots of time. But I don't go and pester the person. It's not gentlemen at all. If you like that person, you approach that person in a proper, polite manner and  cool way.  'Kalau tak dapat,
 jangan nak mengada- ada. Tiada maknanya'.
In U.K., if a lady/babe pass by some guys, they will only watch, then get on with life, not like here Malaysia, you see a girl past by, 
the guys are like some animal locked in a cage trying to get out. It's so annoying to see that. Gosh.. Ya' know. Soooo typical mamat-behaviour!!

 Are you a gentlemen?
 I don't know. When I'm in class, I will always come out with a question first, always be the
 first to initiate something. That's what I'm capable of. Ya' know, it's a shame that most of   my friends tells me how he likes this and that girl so much, but not being gentlemen enough to approach the girl they like. They even ask me to do them the favor of approaching the girl. Gosh! And I said to them, you're not a man if you cannot approach or meet
 someone you admire. I say, 'You got no balls!'.

 'L' is for Love. What is love to you?
 Love is a test, it's a game, it's a 'beta' for you. Most of the time, I think love is some kind of bullshit. I'm tired of love actually. I think love never exist in earth. Everybody thinks it's connected to sex. I've been in love but felt rejected in the end. There was a time, I met a girl who I really love, and at the end, you know what she said? She loved me because she felt sympathetic at the way I am, the way my life is. Means that she was with me all this while because she felt sorry for me. That sucks!  Never love someone just because you sympathize with that person. Love with all your heart,  your soul. Ah...I hate love. I dare to challenge anyone who can show or prove to me what true love is, where I can fall in love again. Ah...love is blind! Love makes me sick!

 How do you describe love from the internet?

 I think it's almost the same. But it can also be positive, it depends on that person. I had 
 lots of experience actually. I don't trust relationship through Chat (mIRC). Most chatters
 from Malaysia, especially Malay, just wanna have sex. If a guy chat with a girl, that guy
 would probably be quite demanding and 'choosy' on looks and appearance. If that girl is ;not their type', that guy will simply dumped this girl.Damn... and that goes for the ladies too. Most chatters (girls) want six-packs body-yummy type with  big account, those are such materialistic bitches. They didn't know that 'this guys' won't be  around with them very long, coz the guy will dump her & make her suffer.


 'M' is for Money. Is money important to you?
 Of course! People who can live without money is the most hardworking & luckiest person
 on earth. But I always remind myself that money should never be our 'boss'. We should
 be able to control that money and how you manage it. Always respect money because it
 come and goes whenever it likes.


 'N' is of Nerves. Are you a nervous person?
 Not really. There's a time when I could be very nervous, like when I'm driving myself in an unknown  place or meet a stranger. But I get very nervous with my folks.


 'O' is One. How do you describe you're 'the one'?
 The One? Well, 'The One' must be an open-minded person, understand and care for people,
 maybe not so beautiful but she got a unique attitude and she's not a 'follower' of typical or average stuff.  It's the personality that counts. I  like a person who is healthy and likes to work out, very strong and who love challenges. And she must love music. Gosh...I'm quite demanding myself. But as for me, I'm gonna make sure I am as good for her, successful, and with plenty of money too. 


 'P' is for Poverty. Are you sensitive towards the poor people, surroundings & etc.?
I am not rich and not so poor. I am glad and thankful for that. 
Life is hard. And usually that relates to poverty. Wealth represents success, and all the good things in life that comes with it, like happiness, contentment and prosperity. I would like to be successful, but I don't want to forget the poor, and my hard times when I'm still a student and struggling, coz if you forget the poor, then you are nothing but a very cruel and selfish human.


 'Q' is for Question. What are the most frequently asked question you always get?
 'How do you do that?', 'Can you teach me how to do that?', 'Can you buy me a drink?',
 'When did you start dancing?', 'What music you like?', 'Where do you live?'. I got 
 those questions every week (at least!). And the latest, 'Have you done your Thesis?'.
 That question really freak me out. Let's see, this interview ask too many questions, right?


 'R' is for Race. What race are you?
 I am a Malay, but  I don't look like one. People are always confused with my race background, and some will say I am 'mamak' or 'Indian' or 'kawasan sewaktu dengannya'. That's because  I got dark skin and sharp looks. I am the darkest in my family. That's because I grow up at the seaside (Port Dickson, NS, Tanjung Bidara, Melaka, etc) so I've been conditioned to sun. I learnt that both of my parents have got some mixed blood too, like Indian, Turkish and Thai. So I guess that's why I looked the way I am now.


 'S' is for Sex. Does it affect your life?
 Sex? Let's see now...... No comment.


 'T' is for Temper. Do you get mad easily?
 It depends on time or situation, but I do swear or curse. A lot! Especially when I'm driving.
 My God, Malaysian drivers sucks! They don't know how to give signals, they're selfish & rude.


 'U' is for Unexpected. What are the things you had ever expected?
 A birthday party. No one ever celebrate my birthday except my family and close friends.
 Also, I never expect to become a good web designer. I never expect to be well known
 for my artworks. I'd never expect to be an artist or to judge awards. I never expect to met people from Malaysia Online (MOL.com) or from Foresight Studios. I never expect 
 to meet Ahmad Izham Omar or I never expect I could dance well and sing good.  


 'V' is for Vehicle. What's your fave vehicle?
 I always love 4 wheel drive (4WD). Ford & Toyota. Or Harrier. That's my fav. I don't really like
 normal cars or Merz. I wanna be an adventurous person. Well, at least I want to have 
 a Perodua Kembara (Auto) before I can afford to buy big cruisers.


 'W' is for Wish. If you are given 3 wishes, what would you do?
 I wish to be more taller, at least 5' 7" and have a nice skin complexion (means fairer).
 Why? Most people don't like me because I'm dark. That's all. If I'm fairer, they will cherish
 me. You can see how human only looks at beauty. Actually, my real wish is to be 
 successful in everything I do, make my family happy and have a wonderful life. The last
 wish? I wish to stop war, fights and racism.


 'X' is for X-pectation. What is your expectation in your studies?
 I wanna complete my degree. I was hoping to continue my MA in  Japan or US where I can complete my research on electronic arts or be an expert in Web Animation. It's difficult to learn about art, because it's very subjective. It's gotta do with ya' concentration on psychology, physical, experiences  and soul.


 'Y' is for 'You'. Have you achieved what you want to be? 
 I have achieved 20%. I got another 80% more to achieve. I'm 22 years old but I can't wait to achieve something. I'm gonna make sure I can go further with my talents, creativity and capability. I'm working hard. I dreamed of earning Web Design Awards, Internet Awards and other achievements.  You can see clearly what I want in life when you read my articles and profile.


 'Z' is for Zero. What does 'zero' mean to you?    
 Zero means nothing, and at this point I still have nothing yet. My life is still zero. But one day I will have something, but first I have to work hard for that.  There will be a time when I reach the 'top of the world', but after that climax, I will fall down and that's when I retire. But, I think I will not give up until the day  I die. That is my final zero.