My beloved classmatem Clockwise: Me in 60's, Fazid (Black), Rina (White), Murni (Black), Rahim (Goatee), Noni, Shahidan, Herna (in red) and Abg. Zamrie.             My friend, Bob @ Azan. He's doing Fibre-Casting for his sculpture.               Rai...........she's from Ipoh. She's studying MASCOM in UiTM.                Kamarul (Glasses), Zamrie and Nony at Kesas after the ........                     It's Bai (Hishamudin), Zahirudin, Azuan (Lan), Zamrie and me at Pangkor Island.              Pak Brahim (cap) is our Fine Arts Technican, Noni, Bai (Hishamudin) in Glasses, Lan, Sally (Salmi-a) in glases, Liza (in Blue), Zamrie (in yellow cap), Herna (in Blue cap/black-T) and me in glasses.               From top: Fazid, Jamshari, Bai (Hishamudin), Lan, (I don't know who the hell is the guy at the's blur), Ang. Zamrie, Ismail, Hamidi, Anas, Rahim, Me and Shahidan.