Getting up here was freaky! Especially when you passed the 'London Bridge Is Falling Down......'. Were with some of Malaysian Students.             Family posse at home backyard in Sara Street, Vic. Australia in Raya (Aidil Fitri) 89.             This is Afiqah, my lil sister who's now Grade 2/ Standard 2.               This is Abby, Muid and Aniq at Kellie's Castle where it was also the scene in the movie 'Anna And The King'.                Mum and Dad sure spent their time well in Turkey....                  This is my relatives from my mom's side, Fatima, Along (Eddie), <-- both are my uncle and aunt's. Me, Abby, Aniq and Ain <-- cousin. at our future house in Kg. Sentang, Bt. Gajah, Perak.                   We're taking a short rest after window shopping in Melbourne.