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My Almighty Allah. I thank You for connecting me with a better vision of life
and myself. Thank You for giving me the strength to believe and to see the
world. Syukur Alhamdulillah. 

My Family: My Father, Abah, for the love, responsibility and education.
Mama, for undying love, encouragement, and support over these years. 
You guys are truly the greatest! Next, to my sister, for being my best friend
to the end. You and I are so telepathically connected, with one heart but
different characters. I love you to the end. Abby, for the cool ghetto times,
the funny things you do and of course, the friendship and love. You too cool.
Stay Freakish Funky Dude!!!! Afiqah, abang sayang at kak Chik, Hafis, 
much hug and love. Matuk, Muid loves you. Opah, sayang selalu. Mona,
be good. Abg. Syed, Fatin, Ijan, My uncles and Aunties, Kak Yang Ida, 
and the rest. 



My Astonishing Friends!! In this opportunity , I would like to express gratitude to my beloved and 
close friends. First of all, the person I love most, Aniq, my sister, for the cool in you. Abby, my lil'
sister, for the funk in you..keep partlayin'! Yanni, vogue kerr? where r u? call me..., Ismail from
Ipoh....unforgettable days. Keep it real. Abang Zamrie, my ever friend. Your mentor & encouragement
guide me so much, thanks for being there for whenever I need you most. Your brilliant ideas and
education help me though. Stay near me brother! Amier, for the great times, tough times together. 
We live in the same world, and people hated us to much. Hafiz Kasiron, whatta****U-R!! Rosli, Gmie,
Abg. Atar, Ratno, thanks for the great performances and fun times together. Music do keep us
together. Kassim, no word can express my gratitude this moment. Noni, yeehah!! Go girl. Rina,
Herna, Sally, Aida, Fiqah, Rahim, Meor (Yan!) you're so...., Nadiene, cute and funky. Let's exhale
those shoop one more time? Debab, Bob, Muara, Rai, Uya, Syukri Ghetto, Hani, Putri, Aireen
Ahmad, my beloved best friend. Thanks for the unforgettable and wonderful times at Malacca. Never
4get U. Azrina, Ismail (Vogue), Leonard Liew, Paul, Alex Wong Ang Siang, Moreyandy of Kuching,
Sarawak, Pak Long, A.J, Cik Jai, Najmi, Shafik, Khalid Adam, D'joe, Nuri, Eddie, Is, Fatin, Hanif,
George, Ray, Kris Wood (University of Kurtain, W.Australia), Mark Miller, my so long missed friend, 
Idan. My juniors, Rina, Fa, Linda, and the rest. Thank you girls for keepin' me comfortable when I
hangout with you guys. Siti Murnie...I love you so much. Keep in touch. Azuan @ Lan, thanks for the
support and love. Abg. Din (Cik Wong), Nadiah & Redza, amazing two couples! e-mail me ok? Love
you guys! Ajim (member Amir), Baby, Kak Faez, Kak Yanz, Kak Jett, Ash, Nash,and the rest. 

Sorry if your name not included, but I know who you are. Don't blame my heart, but blame my mind, 
ok? take care. Peace. 

My Educators
, Professor Dr. Abdul Shukor Hashim, thanks for your
support and advices. You give me all I need to become a good student,
plus being creative and independent. Dr. Muliyadi, thanks for the great
appreciation and education, Dr. Dzul Haimi, Thanks!!. En. Paiman, En.
Ponirin, En Jamil, En. Arrifin Ismail, thanks for the lectures, En. Romli,
En. Rahman, En. Bad, En. Fadli, En Jai, Jafri, En. Ramlan Abdullah.
Thanks for giving me the big chance. En .Hamidin, thanx for your help.
I may not be who I am now today. Che Ramlah, En. Azhar, En. Mazlan,
Puan Siti, En. Jonid, En. Aris and En Saiful of Graphic Department, En.
Jahal, for the technical help at the workshop, Tuan Hj. Syed, En. Faiez,
my beloved ATD seniors, all my seniors in fine art (except Sharul) and the
rest!! Love 'n' peace.


To my musicians
, Ahmad Izham Omar, The Strongest and most astonishing local producer I'd ever 
known, yet to be so humble and nice. Thanks for helping me out for managing the 'Innuendo Online'
and to cut some minus for me. Sorry if I'd ever annoyed you. Keep it up and let us all stop piracy
music now! Innuendo, Remy, Pot, Taj and Sam. The Bomb! Ferhad, a cool guy and very 'sopan' in
person, but on are the daredevil. Thanks for helping me out for 'Ferhad Online'. Poetic
Ammo, thanx to Landslyde for the pictures and shows. Lady D, Yogi B, talented producer! Zubin
Zainal, you're to cool to be good. Spin those jazz man! (I'm sorry....but I'm so blind and to young to
step in this arena). Nita, Kim, Stacks! You're truely amazing and hyper cool webmaster, Ramesh,
Masley (Visa), Zairi (Arrow), Cik Haniza of Music Department, Performing Arts, UiTM, Rozita Izlyn
(nice hair-do...), Kak Noryn (Noryn Aziz), thanks for the advices & MPG great performances. Zuraini
Khalid, Thanks for the advices on writing the lyrics. Cahaya Pena, Kak Ning (Happening youz!!), Kak
Amy Mastura, (eleh, Awak, comel sangat lah tu..senyum selalu yek?), Kak Azza (Elite) and Kak
Abby guys r so friendly, Kak Mimi (Camelia) you so beautiful. Can't believe you're once
my senior!! keep in touch. Azlan Abu Hassan, thanks for the e-mail and the ICQ. LY & Baiduri, keep
it up seniors!! You guys are the talented producers. Johan Nawawi and kak Nora (thanks for the
email), Sheila Majid, you are truely amazed me! thanks sister! Isa of NyzeOne, Cik Haniza, En.
Ridzuan Zain for the vocal training, Zalia, Anuar Zain, Kak Ogy, Kak Rina Khan (I miss Awie!!) Aida,
Sharizan (congratulations!!), Ruff Edge, Naughtius Maximus, Pak Ngah and the rest of the family.
Chris Ng, thanks for working out with us at the cooking show for Chinese New Year.

Thanks Again from the bottom of my heart.